About Upstate Music Studio

  • Exploratory, creative environment
  • Interactive music theory games
  • Opportunities to perform in the community and compete in judged events
  • Weekly private lessons
  • Monthly performance and musicianship classes
  • Students progress faster because learning process feels easy
  • Convenient scheduling and pleasant experience for parents

From group classes to private lessons, students receive a multi-faceted
music education which keeps them engaged and having fun!

Meet Anna


I started piano lessons around age five but my dream was to play violin, which I started a few years later. From there it was a love hate relationship with both instruments based on which one was going better at the time. 🙂 I didn’t plan on making a career out of music, it was just something fun I did with my friends. Music didn’t really come easily for me and I struggled with technique and tendonitis issues.  

After high school I continued to study piano and violin with college level professors and finally began to truly understand music and how to play without tension. I found myself helping a friend learning to play the violin, then a younger student, and another. Teaching was so much fun and the best part was helping students overcome obstacles I had encountered as a student!

I completed a M.M. Piano Pedagogy, B.S. in Music Education, Suzuki Violin Units 1-4, Music Mind Games Unit 1, and countless other workshops and conferences. While I enjoyed student teaching in the public school, after college I was finally able to pursue my passion, studio teaching, full time. The best part of teaching over the past 15 years is the incredible opportunity I have to build relationships and invest in student’s lives!

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